Would the old generations accept to turn traditions into a digital experience?


App for giving money as a wedding present.


“Gawizny” means “Help me get married” and that’s the basic idea of the app; it allows people to donate to people who are getting married as a way to make the cost of marriage less heavier. The thing is, this is an Arab tradition mostly done by parents, and the client wasn’t sure if the idea of transforming it into the digital world would be appealing.


The deal included only 4 videos, so we wanted to use them wisely. We created 3 videos that show the idea, targeting persona with different demographics, and an explainer to the app. We chose upper Egypt people as they’re the most famous with that tradition, mothers because they control the cost of every Egyptian marriage deciding what to buy and what to not, and grooms as they’d be the main influencers inviting their friends and relatives to help them through the app.


The videos were appealing to the client and to the targeted persona, unfortunately due to marketing cost the client had to shut down, but you can still find them on Youtube.

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