New Page, New App, with 73% Conversion Rate in 3 Months!



Medical Consultations App.


New app in the medical field, came with a great potential (During the Covid-19 Pandemic) and greater competitors. The client needed everything to be created from scratch, all the social media accounts were zero followers.


Educate people and gain their trust. We followed a strategy of publishing mini campaigns that all included educational content in different medical fields, tips for chronic disease patients, rumors and mistakes that harms our health. All followed with the tagline “Ask a Trusted Doctor”


  1. The campaigns were sharable that 70% of app downloads were organic.
  2. Average CPR is 0.091$.
  3. Conversion Rate: 73%
  4. 20k+ consultations have been made through the app in 3 months.
  5. 100+ Doctors have signed up to give consultations.

In 3 Months!

20,000 page Likes

500,000 Video Views

50,000 App downloads

35,000 Active Users



Over 100+ minutes of videos have been produced for MedLink Lunch. Animations, Basic educational videos, Viral content, How-tos, and influencer marketing.


This Vimeo playlist Contains some of the videos we’re proud to share with you.

Espitalia videos

For the awareness campaign that aimed to expose MedLink to more people, “El-Espitalia” has dedicated two medical episodes of their show. 4 million people across the Arab world watched the episodes, and many of them followed “MedLink.”.

In 3 Months!

20,000 page Likes

500,000 Video Views

50,000 App downloads

35,000 Active Users

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Date: August 4, 2020

Category: Basic, Interview, Medical, Motion, Stories, Video Editing


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